Art fairs

I have been to many art and craft fairs throughout the years, but never as a vendor. I had a booth at a health and wellness expo this past weekend and it was an eye opener.  I did not realize how much I had to do to prepare for a show. It started months before the actual show by making enough (hopefully) product to sell, which means working on my days off and into the night. Then I had to get stands to display my jewelry, tables, boxes to transport my stuff, and cash for change. I then had to get to the expo early to set everything up. Finally it’s time to open up. I was so excited that I couldn’t sit still. It was so much fun talking to everyone and hearing all of the compliments about my jewelry. After seeing a person’s smile when they bought a piece made all of the long days and nights of hard work worth it. If you read my blog and come to a fair or expo, come over and talk to me. I would love to meet you.


(Or as my son-in-law calls me “Mrs. Skye Kissed”)​