Custom orders

 Hello everyone. Well, here it is only days away from Thanksgiving, which means that Christmas is around the corner. When I started making my jewelry is just used the colors that I had from my paintings, then people started asking if I had other colors then what I had with me. After a few people asked and lightbulb went off.  I thought what if I offered custom colors for my jewelry. That has been a big hit. I received a request from a gentlemen in Ohio. He wanted to buy a necklace and earrings for his best friends’ wife and he wanted them in the Ohio State University football team colors. The colors are scarlet, gray, black, and white.  I was excited to design that I made them right away and sent them to him. He loves them so much that he can’t wait until Christmas to give them to her.  That was the first of my custom orders and I have done more since then. I would love to give others the joy of presenting a gift that was designed just for them. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Sharon “Mrs. Skye Kissed”