My first blog post!! Deep See Turtle

This is my first blog which is about my paintings and jewelry, with some of my life thrown in for good measure. Living by the ocean inspires my creativity and imagination, which is why I chose phthalo blue, aquamarine, white, and silver for my first acrylic pour painting. As I was looking at this painting it reminded me of flying in an airplane when I was young and looking out of the window into the vast ocean below. This is why I chose the name deep ocean. Now I don’t like to waste anything and I certainly didn’t want to waste the beautiful leftover paint. I remembered hearing about making jewelry out of dried leftover paint, so of course, I had to research it. What I came across was fascinating to me and I knew that I had to try it. The next step was deciding what I would make. After a lot of thought and watching Moana with my granddaughters for the hundredth time, I knew that it had to be a turtle. With a bit of experimentation, my turtle series was born. I hope you enjoyed reading this and will continue to enjoy my thoughts and art.

Sharon "Skye Kissed" Williams